Strategic Performance Management Certificate (fully online)



Fall 2021 Course Begins September 6th!

About the Program

The online Strategic Performance Management (SPM) program is a noncredit certificate designed for individuals in public and nonprofit organizations (both leading executives and frontline employees), and citizens interested in measuring and improving the performance of their government and nonprofit service delivery organizations.

Students enroll in a 10-week training course covering four core topics. Additionally, students receive free access to three optional supplemental units that can be completed at any time.

The SPM course is completely online.

Course Modules

Performance Management and
• Creating a culture of performance
• Stakeholder buy-in
• Overcoming psychological barriers to
performance in government
• Overcoming political barriers to performance

Strategic Planning for Performance
• Logic models and performance
• Stakeholder analysis
• Ensuring longevity of performance systems
• Developing and following organization

Measuring and Reporting Performance
• Creating relevant objectives/targets
• Selecting reliable performance indicators
• Operationalizing your goals
• Data visualizing
• Effective reporting

Evidence-Based Management
• Turning your data into action
• Testing your indicators and measuring results
• Re-thinking organizational reform

Supplemental Units (optional)
• Basic Analytical Methods
• Budgeting for Performance
• Applied Program Evaluation


“The course has changed how I implement performance management for one of my programs! It made my measures stronger and my surveys more meaningful - well worth the cost and will have significant benefit to my organization.”


“Excellent material and instruction around surveys, measures and logic models. I've been doing performance management in some form or another for almost five years, but the lectures still contained lots of new and relevant information and encouraged me to think differently about how I do my work.”

"I couldn’t recommend the course highly enough – the team delivering the program were passionate about the material, engaging in their critiques, and just brilliant in all aspects.”

"The material was very useful. I had experience working in this area but hearing a variety of opinions based on the reading material was very interesting. It gave me a lot more to think about.”

"That experience was excellent for gaining new knowledge and information and provided a great
venue for dialogue and sharing”

“A really great set of practical tools mixed with thought provoking theoretical material. I’m excited to take this new information back to my organization!”

Course Registration Fee

• $1,250 per student
• $1,100 for government/nonprofit employees

• Register three or more students from the same organization and receive a 20% discount for the group.