Annual Public Performance Conference

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Every year, the nation’s top government and nonprofit performance professionals and academics convene to emphasize the use of data to improve efficiency and efficacy of public services. Every year, the event draws attendees from all over the world for two days of discussion and networking.

The conference features multiple research and practice-oriented panels designed to convey the latest in public performance scholarship and application for practitioners to apply in their own organizations. 


The goal of the conference is to examine and discuss performance management research and models for the adoption and implementation of compelling practices in the public sector.


Attendees and presenters from across sectors engage in meaningful dialogue over a diversity of issues and approaches to problem-solving. 


Government Employees

What's the fuss about 411? How can I start a performance management program with such limited resources? Hear from practitioners at all levels of government, as well as contractors and consultants, who've identified best practices in the use of data to improve government efficiency and effectiveness.

Nonprofit Employees

Is your organization  collecting data? How can you can make the data work for you?  Measuring your efforts and managing your impact will help your organization gain a better community presence, improve the efficiency and efficacy of your services, and meet your mission.

Researchers & Students

Gain insights on the latest studies and research in the field, and network with practitioners.  

Conference Chair
Professor Marc Holzer, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor

Institute for Public Service 
Suffolk University
Executive Director
National Center for Public Performance

Conference Co-Chair
Aroon Manoharan, Ph.D.
University of Massachusetts, Boston


Mary Gibson
Managing Director
National Center for Public Performance
Institute for Public Service
Suffolk University