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Democracy, Voting  Civic Duty

Guide contains reflection questions and supplemental e-resources. 

Available for complimentary download here.

About Democracy, Voting & Civic Duty 

Our e-book, Democracy, Voting & Civic Duty: Motivating Quotations on Individual & Collective Responsibility, is a collection of statements by notable voices – not only in politics, but from a variety of backgrounds, including social activism, entertainment and literature—emphasizing six perspectives: critical democratic values, the right to vote, civic duty, collective responsibility, equality and active citizenship.

We would like to make this e-book available to you in order to support a shared mission of increasing voter turnout. We are happy to do so at no cost and encourage you to share it with your membership, students, followers on social media, via a newsletter, or by other digital means.

Simply click the image to the left to download the book and share a dose of civic inspiration with your stakeholders. 

Screen Cases in Public Administration: 

Films and Television Series that Provide Insights  into the Study and Practice of Public Administration

Public Administration on the Screen, the second of two companion teaching guides to Public Administration: An Introduction, Third Edition (Holzer and Schwester, 2019) also operates as a standalone resource for any introductory text in the field, and for a broad range of courses that are taught to public administration and nonprofit students.

Our students are increasingly screen oriented, spending hours each day on their computers, smart phones, and smart TVs. Each technology is capable of accessing a century’s production of movies and seven decades of dramatic or comedic series  produced for television.

This volume selects more than one hundred and fifty graphic cases produced for cinema and television. Each has been cited in a media review or a scholarly publication as a teaching and learning resource directly relevant to public and nonprofit  administration. Each offers opportunities to enliven the curriculum and the classroom. Each provides a common basis for discussion for students from many career paths and cultural contexts worldwide, often underscoring common bureaucratic dilemmas or conflicts around the globe.

Simply click the image to the left to download the book. When sharing with colleagues and students, please refer them to this link:

BK72 A Call to Serve_page-0001_edited.jpg

A pocket-sized book featuring quotes reflecting on the various facets of public service: public service motivation, compassion, purpose, ethics, citizenship and more. Compiled by Marc Holzer, Distinguished Professor, Suffolk University. 

A Call to Serve: Quotes on Public Service

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